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Who will see you

More than 14,000 book professionals read our news and promotions daily: publishers, booksellers, distributors, printers, librarians, cultural institutions and professional fairs. And we know they are interested, since our website has more than 3,000 daily accesses. If there were a fashion club where you could see yourself in the world of Spanish language books, that would be PublishNews.

Where we are

Most of our readers are in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, USA and Peru. The reason for that? Our collaborators and columnists tell us what's going on these markets every day. If you want to be seen from far away, PublishNews is your solution.

What we can advertise

Everything that interests the book world: releases, services, fairs, congresses, institutions, or a new imprint that strengthens your image. But we like to be surprised. And we are keeping an eye on all book professionals.

Where can we be seen and read

You can read us at our website, at our newsletter, at our magazine and at our e-mail campaigns. That's why we offer you these advertisement possibilities so that we can also see (and read) you:

  • A super banner in our home page. Our public accesses PublishNews but sees you.
  • Head and side banners that we read between the news, because advertising are also information.
  • Banners in the newsletter, to be read daily by thousands of professionals: here, everyone sees you.
  • E-mail marketing: if you have a good story, we help you to tell the Spanish world.

  • The magazine: if you've been to one of the main book fairs in the Spanish world, you already know us. You can't miss it. It's the only show daily magazine in Spanish! We freely distribute it to book professionals attending the fairs.

Could you say that again?

We know, that is a lot of data, so many options. Is it better to have a banner on the website or to place an advertisement in the magazine? And on what dates? For how long? Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions: we can offer you combo packages that will fit your needs.

You can download our Media Kit here. It is in Spanish for while, but we are working on a translation. Here you can learn more about what we offer.

How much does it cost?

We have options for all the budgets. Please contact us with your needs and let us help you.

Contact us

Send us e-mail, WhatsApp or Telegram messages. Or simply call us.


Haz que tu imagen, tu marca o tu producto llegue más lejos.
Más de 14.0000 profesionales del mercado leen diariamente nuestras noticias y promociones: editores, libreros, distribuidores, impresores, bibliotecarios, instituciones del mundo del libro y ferias profesionales. PublishNews es una opción inteligente para invertir en darte a conocer, a reforzar tu imagen o para conseguir nuevos clientes. Haz click aquí para más informaciones.

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